20 Reading your future

If you want to have your future read, you can read all about it right here. These books, journals, websites, magazines will help you to read your future. There is no need to gaze into any crystal balls! Read your future, because reading is good for your mind, body and soul. Libraries give us power, see figure 20.1.

Libraries give you power, the power to read your future. These references are your digital library to search and browse. Panorama of the British Museum Reading Room by David Iliff on Wikimedia Commons w.wiki/3BEs

Figure 20.1: Libraries give you power, the power to read your future. These references are your digital library to search and browse. Panorama of the British Museum Reading Room by David Iliff on Wikimedia Commons w.wiki/3BEs

This chapter lists everything (and I mean everything) cited in this book which you might find overwhelming. For a more easily digestible versions see the shorter “signposts” section of any chapter in this book.

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